What is dunova® ?  dunova®
... is one of the first products for comfort garments, 
that is absorbing 
keeping the body dry.
  ... is originally based on amorphous acrylic fibre.  
  ... was initially a
trademark of the 
  Cessation of the fibre production by 
BAYER in 1993.
... could originally be recognized visually due 
to its "stripe effect", a component of Nylon for the purpose of stabilization during knitting.
  ... is a registered trademark of the Spinnerei 
Lampertsmühle GmbH, Kaiserslautern, for articles manufactured with yarns made of 65 % Dacron®  and 35 % Cotton.


... is not a trademark for fibres or for finished 
garments and underwear.
  ... contains specially manufactured Polyester fibres, which have the ability to transport moisture better than fibres with normal, round surface and which are particularly soft and have a wear comfort on the skin due to its special raw material and process.