Characteristic features
of dunova® 
Drying time:
dunova® drys in 
25,5 minutes.
  Less clinging to the skin:
dunova® has less points of contact to the skin compared with 100 % Standard Polyester.
Short-time moisture 
vapour capacity:
dunova® absorbs 5 times more damp than 100% Polyester.
  dunova® has a very broad spectrum of possible applications, not only for active athletes, but also for athletically active persons.  
 back Dampness and transport ability: dunova® (index 0.39) does not only comply by far with the minimum requirements for everyday wear (index 0.25), but also for sportswear.   Thermal resistance:
Due to its portion of cotton, dunova® has good thermal insulation values.
- the insulation of the dry textile is high.
- the insulation loss of damp textile is low.